About Me

I have trained literally hundreds of clients and I can help you.

Why am I so confident about this? Because I’ve seen just as many goals and just as many starting points as people I’ve trained. And over time I’ve refined my ability to both find out what people are after and my ability to tailor training to reach those goals.

I focus especially on building sound fundamentals in all exercises to help you progress more quickly, since developing bad habits or compensating for previous injuries or weaknesses and imbalances tend to drag down your ability to safely advance your capabilities.

I train people using any tools that make sense for them, but I particularly love kettlebells for their incredible versatility and adaptability. In fact I’ve been training and competing in Kettlebell Sport (in the US and internationally) for many years. Since 2011, I’ve won 2 World Championships (snatch and marathon snatch), 3 National Championships (snatch), earned Master of Sport rankings as well as set national records with 16 kg kettlebells (snatch and biathlon). 

I’ve also coached and trained intensively in Olympic Lifting since 2010, competing in a number of local and regional competitions. 

I’ve sought out and trained under some of the most accomplished instructors I can find including Lorna Kleidman (3-time Kettlebell World Champion), Sergey Rudnev (Honored Master of Sport), Natalie Burgener (former Olympian in weightlifting), and Steven Khoung (head coach of the Ice Chamber kettlebell team).

But in some ways more important than who I’ve trained with, is how I approach training clients. It is a trainer’s responsibility to be constantly learning and then apply that learning. I’m not satisfied having a few things I can just throw out to most clients.

Education and Certifications

Doctorate of Physical Therapy, Hunter College
CrossFit Level Two Trainer
CrossFit Endurance Trainer
IKSFA Level Two Kettlebell Instructor
International Kettlebell Marathon Federation Certified Judge
USAW Level Two Coach, Safe Sport Certified

American Heart Association BLS Provider
Functional Range Conditioning® Mobility Specialist

The Pain Revolution and Why You Ought to be a Part of It
Maitland-1 Essential Peripheral Seminar
The Art of Coaching Weightlifting Seminar (Ursula Garza Papandrea)
Klokov Weightlifting Seminar  (Polovnikov, Klokov, Ilin)

Working with Avery in one-on-one kettlebell training sessions, I got the benefit of a thoughtful, individualized training program that I could complete on my own and during in-person sessions where we worked on movement quality and endurance.

The wonderful thing about Avery is her eye for detail and her focus on movement quality.  Rather than focus on “killer workouts,” her focus is on long-term progress.   I see this when she works with clients and in her own training.

Avery can train a wide spectrum of people; those starting out on their fitness journey and seasoned athletes who have been training for years.  I wholeheartedly recommend Avery to anyone who is looking to improve their performance in an intelligent and fun way!

Xuan Mai H.