Kettlebell Training

As I’ve written all over this site, kettlebells are an amazing and incredibly flexible tool for pursuing a huge range of fitness goals. They can help with weight loss, strength building, mobility, strength endurance, and so on.

To get the most out of them, training definitely helps. I’ve learned so much over the years I’ve been using them, to the point where it’s almost a little embarrassing to look back at videos of me when I was first learning.

But anyone can learn how to use them.

I teach people how to use kettlebells correctly and for maximum development. I work one-on-one (or with groups) to teach great form through a range of exercises and I can design training programs to fit your fitness goals.

We can work together regularly, or periodically, or I can help set you up for a sound program for working out on your own at home. 

Olympic Weightlifting

The Olympic lifts are highly technical and instruction is absolutely required. They take a long time to master and a good instructor is crucial in developing good lifts.

The Olympic lifts–the snatch, the clean and jerk, and all the ancillary, supporting exercises–are without equal in developing strength and power.

I’ve pursued Olympic lifting as a competitor and teacher for close to a decade, and I love teaching them to new people. If you’ve ever been interested in the lifts but were a little intimidated, then shoot me an email. I can help you learn them safely and work with you so you will see impressive results.

If you’re an established athlete who wants to take another step in your performance, then adding a well-designed Olympic lifting program could be a huge difference maker.

I love the Olympic lifts and I love teaching them!

Personal Training

For my own athletic pursuits I’ve definitely focused on my two workout loves–kettlebells and Olympic lifts–but I’ve also worked with hundreds of clients on general physical training and fitness.

While I like to incorporate these tools with my clients when it’s appropriate, there are many ways to work out, and many tools to learn. And there is a surprising amount to learn.

As an example (among many), you might be shocked at how many people do the simple air squat poorly.

And doing this poorly can happen for many reasons; lack of flexibility, an old injury, untrained body awareness, going too fast, poor foot placement, a strength imbalance up or down “the chain” as we say, and more.

I know from seeing it myself with a large number of people that working to erase these sorts of deficiencies will set you up on a different fitness path. A path where your workouts are more effective and you can do more exercises, where you can eventually handle more weight and volume, and where you can continue being active and pursue sports for many more years into the future.

Individualized Exercise Programming

My programming experience includes programming for private clients (fitness, Olympic Weightlifting and Kettlebell Sport), a CrossFit competition team, a CrossFit Games Masters athlete, and for all levels of clients at CrossFit NYC.

I create carefully constructed, personalized programming to support your advancement. Way too many trainers just throw random exercises at people without any consideration of their client’s histories and goals.


Let’s be honest; it’s easier to sit on the couch than it is to go workout.

This is natural–sometimes I feel the same way.  

And sometimes it helps to have a system of accountability. 

It can be a fight to get into the gym some days. But on those days you overcome resistance and go anyway, what happens? Almost every time you’re glad you went.

When you have a training session set up, sure you can cancel, but the odds are higher that you’ll stick to the commitment.

So, yes, your exercise abilities and overall exercise understanding will benefit from directed instruction, you also get just plain old accountability. 

Some people hire a trainer for exactly that reason. Don’t underestimate the power of being accountable to another person, and don’t ever feel any sense of shame if that’s why you use a trainer. If a tool works for you, then use it!

Avery helped me access the joy of weightlifting and kettlebells through personal training. Coming from an endurance athletics background and with no prior lifting experience, I asked Avery for her guidance in moving proficiently, safely, and independently. Avery helped me develop good form and the awareness to self-diagnose and self-correct my movement.

Over five years later, I’m still at it with sustainable gains, no injuries, and excitement to continue growing. Additionally, other coaches periodically commend me for prioritizing good movement over just putting up numbers, and much of that appreciation was reinforced by Avery’s coaching. Thanks, Avery!

Mike L.
After a few months of starting CrossFit, I realized that I needed additional help with the technical aspects of Olympic weightlifting.  I reached out to Avery Wittkamp, one of the BEST coaches at CrossFit NYC.  She is an extremely professional instructor who is committed to her work and ultimately her clients.

  Avery has immense knowledge about Olympic weightlifting and the strategies to improve one’s technique.  Her training style is not only challenging but also thoughtful, encouraging and fun.  Every session she pushed me beyond my own perceived limits.  After a few short weeks of working with Avery I felt stronger, more flexible and more excited about taking on the demands of CrossFit. 

I am always excited to take what I have learned from Avery, instilled with confidence when returning to my workouts.  I have made significant improvements with my Oly skills.  Avery is an expert in her craft and I recommend her without reservation!

Stephen Y.